Some Thoughts on Tools


Making things generally requires tools. “The right tool for the job” as the saying goes, but what is the right tool? The tool that gets the job done without being too expensive is the right tool. Here are some sources for tools:

  •  Yard Sales- Totally hit and miss (and mostly miss), but some real deals are to be had.
  •  Flea Markets- These guys are selling stuff to make money and you are unlikely to find any amazing deals but           you never know.
  • Craigslist- Somewhere between the other two.
  • Harbor Freight- Excellent prices for reasonable quality. We’re not building  rocketships here; we’re getting a job      done. Occasionally one must put tool snobbery aside.
  • Ebay- Good for some things, but requires legwork to find the deals.
  • Amazon- Sometimes you just want new, good tools and you want them delivered. Like pizza.
  • MSC Industrial Supply-  No deals here but sometimes we all have to buy retail.