The Tools I Use the Most


A quick glance at my workbench gives me a good overview of the hand tools I use the most. Here is a rundown, in order of frequency used (sort of):


  • Cordless drill/screw gun

  • Allen wrenches (ball-end)

  • Calipers (digital or dial)

  • Pliers (small needle nose, big needle nose, channel locks, vice grips)

  • Screwdrivers (Phillips, flat, all sizes from tiny on up)

  • Exacto knife

  • Drills, center drills, counter sinks, and taps

  • Tap handle

  • Drill press vice

  • Adjustable crescent wrench (small)

  • Ball peen hammer (small)

  • Dremel tool w/ bits

  • Wire cutters and dykes (small on up)

  • Forecepts

  • Micro torch

  • Clamps (various sizes of c-clamps, Kant twist clamps, and spring clamps)

  • Files (from tiny needle files on up)

  • Cable cutters

  • Crimpers


These are generally what is in my tool bag when I show up on a job.